Commercial Sales & Leasing

Amy Hoffman specializes in sales and leasing of retail, office and industrial properties in the communities of Northeast Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

We’re able to provide for any commercial real estate need, whether buying, selling or leasing office, retail or industrial property. As with residential property, Team Hoffman are proven experts at formulating and implementing an effective strategic plan to make the transaction a success. Amy's experience coupled with her considerable resources and tools will assure that there is no other realtor in Northeast Los Angeles more capable of matching the right property with the right tenant or buyer.

Commercial Sales


Amy Hoffman and her team maintains a database of available commercial properties, within and outside of Northeast Los Angeles, in order to assure and maximize opportunities for the buyer. Amy will create a buyer strategy based on analysis of the current commercial sales market as well as the specific needs of the buyer. Upon executing this plan into action and thoroughly performing all due diligence, Amy Hoffman will locate the perfect property and negotiate the very best price and terms in order to successfully close the transaction.


Amy Hoffman and her team have developed effective marketing tools specific to commercial sales in Northeast Los Angeles. Additionally, they have access to relevant and effective tools from Berkshire Hathaway that have long proven effective when coupled with superior market knowledge, including market trends, com parables and up to the minute tenant and investor activity. Using this data, Amy is able to create customized and effective marketing strategies.

Commercial Leasing


Amy Hoffman and her team's expertise extends to assisting business owners and landlords though our thorough and in-depth market knowledge and superior negotiating skills. Our access to online tools that provide extensive information, along with our talent for understanding the needs of both the tenant and property owner, assures our success at leasing spaces of all shapes and sizes.


The complexities and unique needs of retail leasing demands a commercial agent with experience. Inexperience and cookie cutter approaches aren't going to cut it. Amy Hoffman's team has already earned a positive reputation for closing lease transactions with local, regional and even national retailers throughout Northeast Los Angeles. Our understanding of the needs and interests of each perspective - the owners, investors and users - provides us a significant advantage in creating long-term commercial leases that benefit all parties.


The Northeast Los Angeles leasing market provides warehouses and distribution facilities of all shapes and sizes. Team Hoffman's expertise and resources allows it to expertly and efficiently lease the property regardless of the size and space. With proprietary online tools and resources, Amy Hoffman is able to provide potential tenants a significant head start in locating and identifying a building that best meets their needs.

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