Selling Your Home For The Best Price

When selling a home, obtaining the best price is critical and can be challenging. The secret to finding the ideal price lays in effective marketing.

If we agree to take a listing, then we agree to utilize all of our knowledge and skills to get that property sold. Throughout the selling process, we communicate with our clients and include them in our three-step process. We begin by getting your home ready for the market so that when we showcase your listing it attracts many buyers. Once your listing is up, we have a series of tools to market your home until it is sold.

There are many steps that need to be completed before a home is ready to be listed. We first meet with you and visit the property to offer suggestions on prepping your home for the market. We begin by completing a market analysis in which we analyze other properties of similar value to help you develop a reasonable asking price. Once you have set an asking price, we will create a marketing plan and explain it step-by-step so you may ask questions and add your own marketing ideas. We also add special touches to get your home ready for the market. In the past we have hired stagers to maximize the space in your home for appeal to potential buyers.

Once your home is ready for market, we will showcase your listing. We utilize listing services in which hundreds of potential buyers will be able to review your property. This service will showcase photos that we took of the interior and exterior of your home. We choose the best photographs to draw in buyers. Once they arrive, they will be able to take home an impressive brochure of your property. These brochures will be stocked regularly in your property’s flyer box. We will also list your property on our website with detailed descriptions and pictures. We create a visual tour of your property that we can put on DVD and our website. Lastly, we will put together a campaign so that your property will appear in local magazines or newspapers.

Once the listing is complete we will continue to market your home until it is sold. We determine the most appropriate potential buyer for your property and then target them with direct mail. We will promote the property at realtor meetings and conduct open houses to increase the chance of your home being sold. We also have a window display at our office that displays all of our properties along with proper information.
We have a broker working on selling your home seven days a week. We provide you with reports on the showings of your property and what potential buyers are thinking. We make sure that your home is sold and collects every dollar for that is worth.

Achieving the Best Price

When selling a home, obtaining the best price can often be tricky. The secret to finding the ideal price lays in effective marketing. Effective marketing consists of several attributes. The marketing needs to be consistent and insistent. The property needs to be listed on every possible facet to maximize the number of people who come across it. The more buyers that are interested, the more options we have to choose in selecting the highest bidder and obtaining a solid price on your property.

The first step in high quality marketing is setting an appropriate price for your property. If the price is too high, the property will be sitting stagnant on the market for long periods of time until potential buyers pass over the listing without a glance. If the asking price is too low, then your property will sell quickly, but you may also miss out on money that you deserved. It is our job to analyze the market each day and set area home prices so we know the trending prices of similar properties. We work with you to establish a time frame of when you want your property to be sold.

We also work with you to get your property into the best condition so that your asking price matches the quality being offered. We will walk through each room and provide insight on how to furnish and present each room. We know which areas are most important to buyers and how to dress it so the buyers are moved emotionally. When buyers become emotionally invested in a property, the financial stress of the purchase seems to melt away.

Being a successful real estate agent means that we support our clients and negotiate aggressively upon their behalf. Contracts and negotiations can be confusing and difficult, so you need someone you can trust. As your agent we work to develop a relationship with you so you see we have your best interest at heart. It is our job to find a way to get you the best price and the best terms for your property that is available on the current market.

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