Preparing Your Home For Sale

Of all the marketing tools available to sell your home, thoughtfully and creatively preparing your home for sale is one of the most important.

One of the best marketing tools for selling a home is having an open house. An open house allows a potential buyer to tour the house and imagine themselves occupying the property. The less they have to imagine, the better your chances increase in selling your home. Professional stagers are trained to dress each room in a home and know which rooms to put the most effort in. Professional stagers provide insight into the buyers’ mind on what they want to see in a home. Even if the buyer’s taste in decoration differs from the stagers’ they will grow more attached to a home that looks fully furnished, warm and nicely decorated.

The outside of the property offers the buyers’ their first impression. The front is a direct reflection of the inside, and a potential buyer will not bother to enter the home if the curb appeal is low. The landscaping should be in great condition. Any plants in the yard should look healthy and full. Planting an assortment of colorful flowers can burst curb appeal significantly. If there is a porch, this should be dressed with several potted pants to provide a homey feel. The outside of the house should have no damage and a fresh coat of paint. Once the outside is complete, you can impress the guests with the inside of the house.

The front door is also a direct reflection of the property. The front door should be well painted and represent the personality of the house. The front entry of the house is limited with the amount of furniture that can be present, so this is an ideal place for artwork. The home should be immaculately clean with a clean scent. Many people have pet allergies so no pet dander or odors should be present.

A fresh coat of paint should be applied to every room to provide a clean vibe throughout the house. The walls should be neutral colors with exotic colors in artwork, pillows, and plants. Some people may be turned off by loud colors on the wall. Correct lighting can add a warm, welcoming feel to each room. Any window that does not have an attractive view can be covered with blinds. All windows should have curtains or sheers to give the room a completed feel.

If your house happens to be vacant, it is critical to rent furnishings for the most important rooms: the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. If these rooms are decorated properly, they will heighten your chance of selling the house.

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