Pasadena Real Estate

There are so many reasons why anyone would want to live in such a stunning, vibrant city. Pasadena has it all.

The City of Pasadena, located North of downtown Los Angeles, remains one of the most active real estate markets in Southern California.

Pasadena is spectacular for its sheer numbers of neighborhoods lined with historic character homes. These homes originated from the so-called “Arts and Crafts” period of which Pasadena, CA was one of three American cities that embraced it at the turn of the century.

These homes range from shingle style houses to Craftsman bungalows, Colonial Revival, Mission Revival, English Tudors, Swiss Chalets as well as magnificent homes built during the middle of the century. Year after year, these homes gain national recognition as more and more period revival and mid century modern homes – many by renowned local architects – are repaired and restored.

There are several historic and important neighborhoods in Pasadena, all that have their own unique charm, such as Bungalow Heaven, Chapman Woods, Hastings Ranch, San Rafael and more. Since Pasadena real estate is always in demand, it is imperative that both buyers and sellers alike work with a real estate professional that specializes in buying and selling homes in Pasadena, CA., like Amy Hoffman.

When purchasing or selling a home in Pasadena, there is much to consider. How much of a home in Pasadena can you afford? Where in Pasadena do you want to live? What amenities are important to you? Do you have children who go to school? A full-service real estate firm like Amy Hoffman’s will assist you in the earliest stages of buying a home to ensure that buyers receive what they want, where they want, when they want and receive the most for their considerable investment.

For sellers, Amy Hoffman and her team will make certain that you understand all that you need to understand to prepare your home for sale and achieve the very highest sales price possible. Amy ensures this through the practice of tenacious, creative and expert marketing; not in simply pricing your home above market value, but in utilizing an intelligent selling strategy. What is your home’s true condition? What are the present market conditions? What are the property values of the neighborhood and how does your home compare?

There are so many reasons why anyone would want to live in such a stunning, vibrant city that is picturesque with neighborhoods that are, themselves, as much works of art as the homes lining those tree-shaded streets. Pasadena has it all: quality jobs and industry, highly ranked-schools, world class dining and cultural destinations that ensure that Pasadena real estate will always be in demand and a more-than-safe investment.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Pasadena, CA, please call Amy Hoffman at 626-440-5100.

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