Choosing The Best Neighborhood

When purchasing a home, choosing the best neighborhood is one of many considerations to make.

Moving to Los Angeles can be a daunting project. Los Angeles is a giant metropolis comprised of dozens of neighborhoods and cities that each have their own unique pros and cons. Sometimes you can drive through several cities within twenty minutes and think you have been in one the whole time. Since there are so many neighborhoods to choose from, here are 10 important points to consider that will help you narrow down your search.

Proximity to work: If you already have a job, what city do you work in? Consider what freeways you can utilize for travel and what distances will prevent you from wasting hours in traffic.

Parking: What is the parking situation for the neighborhood? Most neighborhoods in Los Angeles are becoming extremely difficult in parking. Some areas require permits, and some areas rarely have spots. You need to consider if you want to spend chunks of time looking for parking every time you come home.

Hobbies: What do you like to do in your free time? Different areas of Los Angeles are close to great hiking trails, hoppy nightlife, shopping, or even the beach. Choosing a neighborhood within close proximity will enable you to participate in your hobby.

Neighborhood Watch: Visit your potential neighborhood at both daytime and nighttime. Some neighborhoods can become sketchy at nighttime or too busy during the daytime.

Proximity to Friends: If you have any close relationships you plan on maintaining, keep in mind where they live. For example, Glendale and Santa Monica may as well be worlds apart, especially when rush hour is taken into consideration.

Space to Price Ratio: Does the expense of living match the amount of space you call your own? Or are you being stacked on others for a high price?

Pedestrian Walkways: Does your neighborhood have decent paths for running or jogging? Are there many businesses accessible by walking to avoid driving?

Community: Do the neighbors seem social and friendly? Does the community seem to have any dangerous goings-on?

Crime: What is the crime rate of that neighborhood?

Family: If you are raising a family, what are the surrounding schools like? Is the neighborhood stocked with families or singles?
Los Angeles is a city of diversity, with a unique mix of people, districts, neighborhoods and more. When purchasing a home, there are many, many considerations to make. For this reason, be sure to discuss how to best choose a neighborhood with your realtor, who should be an expert in the area in which you’re seeking to purchase.

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